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The Book*

     A book-length essay is under review and editing is moving forward. Publication is a possibility but is, for the present, improbable. The current status of the book is perhaps more accurately considered as a series of related essays. The essays grew out of a weekly writing effort that extended every Friday for over 10 years as a newsletter called TGIF - Taking Great Ideas Forward. Those essays were related at the intersection of education, environment and economics. 

     The relationships involve education as a social function, social equity and social justice, ecological systems and thinking, economics as a social subsidiary of the environment, ethics extending across all human relationships, energy for all essential and non-essential life processes, and evolution as a fact of life at all levels of organization.

The book’s main arguments:

  1. support an evolutionary discontinuation of schools as a paradigm for public education within society;
  2. revise the role of teachers to facilitate scholarship and leadership VS classroom management; 
  3. emphasize that our biology is fundamental, including behavior, reproduction and parenting, development, consciousness, evolution, and the growing importance of neuroscience;
  4. establish a bona fide role for spirituality (as distinct from religion);
  5. place testing, textbooks and technology in a new perspective;
  6. recognize education as a place for practice of systems science;
  7. insist that only integration of a planetary perspective will support human survival.

A tentative title is: Education Ecology: Why Teaching, Testing, Textbooks and Technology are Not Enough. A bibliography and an outline can be reviewed. Comment or feedback is always appreciated. 

*This page is under development. However, as it develops I will occasionally post items of related interest. What follows is archival material that was posted on my home page earlier in 2017.

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