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Bruce Lindgren is a Writer -- Consultant -- Educator -- Speaker living in Minneapolis Minnesota

There is plenty to challenge our consciousness in a world that has evolved and continues to change. My foundations are almost continually energized by each new  experience. Biology and Education focus my personal interests and it is intended that this website will display some of who I am; and, what I believe about the past, present and futures of education, which cannot be separated from life.

Writing is a delightful struggle with ideas and for more than 60 years I have engaged the challenges of writing in many ways. Recently I've been afforded a circumstance enabling me to write almost every day. Writing is what I now do. I guess this makes me a writer. This website and the embedded blog is an extension of that work. I expect the content to evolve and expand. My hope is that you and others may visit occasionally if not often. Send me a letter. Your gift of words will help me learn about anything you like (or don't like).

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A few recent postings:

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Speaking will take on greater engagement in 2018. I have brainstormed a recent listing of 10 fascinating topics related to Education Ecology. I will be developing each of these into a series of lectures ranging from short 15-18 minutes presentations modeled after the TED format to 30 and 50-60 minute programs with more formality. My plan is to be able to speak to groups about education and stimulate an ongoing dialogue that holds a challenge for continuing action stimulating and supporting change through innovation in education. The first of these "The Futures of Education" is ready to GO! Send me a note if you or your group is interested in stretching your thoughts about education.

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There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.

William Butler Yeats.

One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

We stretch our  minds by sharing ideas through dialogue . . .  

Collaborating Begins with Connecting

Nothing we say is more important than what we do together. A strategy of doing is a planetary imperative because each human being is contributing to changes in earth's ecology and too much of what we are doing is not sustainable. Change begins personally and locally. We are part of a community and that is our ecology; the place where we interact with ever changing relationships. There is no discrete boundary between our community and the rest of the world. We are all connected in the construction of a global reality. We can change parts of what we are and what we do; but, no one, no matter their persuasive or political power will change the laws of physics and chemistry that are embedded in every aspect of planetary life. Life is a quest to survive. Sustainability is stewardship -- taking care of our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual home -- our ecology -- with all of its energy flow and material conservation. 

The Answer Rises Every Morning (anon)

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